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We thought you might be interested in this seminar by Dave King

Dave has spent his life researching the origins of Reiki and the historical truth of Dr Usui’s life and teachings.  The seminar will be the Shoden and Okuden teachings of Traditional Japanese Reiki but it’s very suitable for experienced Reiki practitioners as well as it contains information which is not generally known in the world of Reiki at the moment.  It will include an introduction to Usui’s spiritual teachings and how Chuujirou Hayashi combined aspects of Usui’s teachings with his own knowledge to develop the first version of the hands-on healing system which later became Reiki.  Dave can also explain where the Reiki symbols came from and what they are really about.

For more information visit http://www.ananda-therapies.co.uk.  Karen, the organiser, is happy to extend the early-bird price window to the end of February for anyone who registers and mentions Como.