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Angel Tarot – The Magician

The MagicianThe Magician – What an appropriate card for New Year’s Eve as the Magician comes to tell us that now is the right time to begin a new project. If you have any doubts about how to manifest your dreams, then leave them behind. Have self-confidence and ask the Angels to boost your inner strength.

Archangel Raziel is the wizard-like angel of spiritual secrets and mysteries who will open doors of opportunity for you. He’ll also speed you along the pathway of manifestation so you’ll enjoy success much more quickly than seems logically possible.

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Angel Tarot – Nine of Fire

9 of FireNine of Fire – You need to actively protect what you have created. Defend the fruits of your labours, strengthen your resolve and know that you have the strength and wisdom to bring this situation to a happy conclusion. However, do remember to take notice of the views of others.

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Angel Tarot – Seven of Earth

7 of EarthSeven of Earth – The fruits of your labours continue to grow and soon you can harvest your rewards. You may feel you still have far to go but have patience and notice how far you have already come. Any halt is temporary and now is a good time to rest and recharge your batteries.

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Angel Tarot – Three of Air

3 of AirThree of Air – Something is making you sad, but trust that this sadness will pass and you will eventually understand why this has happened. Take time to heal, release the pain and move forward. Don’t hold onto the past and remember to forgive yourself too for the choices you made, you did the best you could at the time.

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Angel Tarot – Renewal

RenewalRenewal – You’re at the end of a project and at a bit of a crossroads. It’s now time to review and evaluate, make thoughtful judgements about your life and make confident choices. You have prepared well. Legal situations will be favourably resolved. Training, exams and assessments go well for you.

Jeremiel is the Archangel who helps you evaluate your life so you can clearly decide upon appropriate changes. Spend some time alone with a pad of paper and pen, and call upon Jeremiel to help you review what needs to be transformed, healed or released.

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