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LilacLast week I was inspired to work more with colour and so found my deck of colour cards. I had forgotten how much I loved them and how colour plays such an important role in our life. As well as drawing a card a day for myself, I’ve also given a few short readings and really enjoyed it. So this morning I’ve drawn a card for you:

Lilac is all about strengthening your faith and expanding your spiritual awareness. Ask for what you would like to occur and then rub your third eye. Imagine that you have a lilac magnet in your third eye that will attract your desires to you. Activate the magnet by visualising it and say “activate” and then know that your request has been answered. Surrounding yourself with the colour of lilac will increase your faith in your own ability to attract your dreams.

This card ward drawn from the Secret Language of Colour by Inna Segal; an excellent and beautiful deck and one that we use in our Colour Workshops. If you would like to have your own deck of Colour Cards, we do have someĀ in our Como Shop.

Elaine Collier

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