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Aura Imaging Reading

Elaine Aura ScanHave you had an aura imaging reading? No, neither had I until this week and wow, it really blew me away.

I’m not sure what I was expecting really.  Yes, a photo with colours around the head and that is indeed what I got. The picture of me isn’t brilliant, possibly as bad as it could get, but I was told that it needed to be natural!! But the reading was absolutely spot on – as it was so for everyone who had a reading that evening.

Steve Williams from Aura Imaging came along to Como on Monday and was kept busy all evening. The photos were all completely different in colour and density – some a mixture of colours, others just one colour.  Everyone agreed that the accompanying reading was extremely accurate.  Not only did Steve touch on what was going on in our lives right now, but indicated areas where changes needed to be made.

But what really blew me away was when Steve showed our moving aura on screen, watching the colours change as the energy shifted around and through us. We saw how the energy changed when Reiki was given – not only did we witness the colours change and move, but we saw the chakras opening and growing. We even saw the difference between Usui and Angelic Reiki.  Absolutely amazing and fascinating.

I think aura imaging is vastly underused and I would urge everyone to have a reading if they can.  There are so many ways that this technique can be used. Obviously healing is one way, but just to show that we all have an energy body and how that energy is constantly in motion will help people to understand how energy work is so beneficial to health and well-being.

Will we be working with aura imaging and Steve in the future? – you bet we will!


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