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Como Pedicureindependent-consultant-bannerMany years ago I was taught to use talc for a Reflexology treatment. This wasn’t really good for my health, so I looked for products that would be perfect for reflexology.

As we need an oil-based product (water-based is not good at all as it just soaks into the skin) my mission was to find something that would fit the bill. I found ART Antony Porters cream which was fab but sadly unavailable now. I then tried various other products, but eventually found Neal’s Yard Beauty Sleep Body Butter. It was exactly what I needed. The product just glides over the skin and doesn’t soak in, so reapplication is not necessary. You really don’t need to use much either, so it lasts ages. I can’t recommend this product highly enough and we will be using it at Como for all our Reflexology training, where you can find out first hand.

What’s more, there is currently 20% off Neal’s Yard products if purchased before 8am on Friday 2 December. You can order directly from our Website or e-mail us and we will place your order for you.


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