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We didn’t want to do Angelic Reiki …

Angelic ReikiWe didn’t want to do Angelic Reiki – why would we when we did Usui Reiki? “Oh, but it’s completely different,” we were told, we were not convinced!

But the opportunity arose for us to do it at our Como Centre and so we thought “why not?” Oh boy, it certainly was different and we were both completely blown away by the intense energy and presence that we felt throughout the whole weekend. From the very beginning on the Friday evening it was evident that this was going to be amazing, and it didn’t disappoint. When we finished on the Sunday we were both on such a cloud of high energy that we didn’t want to get off.

We knew that Practitioner Level 1&2 was not enough for us. Six months later we trained to become Master Teachers and now we have as much fun, if not more, teaching others as we did learning.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few comments from some of our students:

The Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Practitioner’s Course was a magical experience spent learning, practising and sharing healing experiences and so much more – I did not want the weekend to end.  Elaine and Gill are truly wonderful teachers, their passion shines through and they completely dedicate themselves to you as a student getting the most out of the course. Words can’t quite describe how special the weekend was, I would certainly recommend the Como Centre to anyone wanting to learn Angelic Reiki and feel extremely privileged to have been taught by Elaine and Gill to work with my angels.”

“What a wonderful weekend! Another amazing course (Angelic Reiki) at Como with two fantastic tutors, three amazing new earth friends and so many angelic visitors too numerous to name ….. thank you all for your love, light, help and guidance. Bless you all  …. xx.”

“I found my Angelic Reiki training experience at the Como Centre to be expansive, deep, healing and enjoyable. It was quite different to standard Reiki training in many respects with an emphasis on guided meditations that take you on individual journeys that both heal and expand the mind and overall consciousness. I primarily did the training to further facilitate my own healing journey and spiritual growth and I would certainly say that it has added a depth and richness to my own journey. I felt the healing energies to be subtle but powerful and would suggest allowing some space and time for integration following this training. The group was small and intimate and plenty of time was given over to hands on practice and direct experiencing. Both Gill and Elaine were friendly, supportive and encouraging, creating a safe contained healing space to learn and “to be”. I would certainly recommend this training.”


If you want to learn this wonderful therapy, and work with the Angels, then why not join us on Friday 24th February for an amazing weekend. You can find full details of the course here.

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