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A Healing Journey

A Healing JourneyAs soon as was possible in the New Year, both of us were back up at Como and planning for 2017. “What we could do with,” we agreed, “is a beautiful healing method that’s different from what’s already being done.” So we sat and asked Spirit for some help.

Within 15-minutes we had a our new therapy written down. It sounded good to us but we tweaked it a little to make sure it was feasible. We ended up with a therapy that was possible to give and hopefully wonderful to receive.

Last Monday we held our first session. It flowed from one element to the next in a seamless manner and, speaking from the perspective of giving, the energy flowed and beautiful connections made. The elements that we had put together worked extremely well and if we do make any further tweaks, they will be minor. Feedback from our clients was fabulous, they all looked totally relaxed and the healing received seemed to take place on many levels.

We give our thanks to Spirit and we are grateful, as always, for their guidance.

Are we doing it again? You bet we are!

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