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How the Universe Works

I want to share this wonderful story with you that went out in our Newsletter last week.  It’s really heart-warming and just goes to show that dreams really do come true.

A lovely lady, and a friend of mine, has been through a really difficult year with serious health issues but thankfully she is now out the other side and well on the road to recovery. As with any life-threatening illness, it makes you take stock of your life and the changes you would like to make.

She definitely wanted to make changes and we talked over options for many months. She decided she wanted to get back to working with animals and horses in particular as this was her background and her passion. Full of enthusiasm she started to make plans and I must be honest here, I did wonder whether her enthusiasm would dwindle. But no, new ideas were flowing – this was what she wanted to do.

She enrolled on several courses and passed with flying colours. She started talking to people and picked up some clients at her local stables. She even offered to do some volunteer work. She was doing all she could to make her dreams come true; she was doing what she loved and she was blossoming. She now has plans for more courses and starting her own business in animal wellbeing in the New Year. Life was looking good again and she was happy. Her ultimate dream, however, was to have a horse of her own.

Now we’re all aware of the Law of Attraction and how, when you focus on what you really want and work towards your dreams, the Universe works with you to create those things.

Well I saw her yesterday. “You’ll never believe what has just happened”, she said, as she came flying into the room. “I’ve just been given a horse!”

Yesterday was her birthday.


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