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Another Light-Bulb Moment

I always seem to get my light-bulb moments when I’m out walking. Maybe it’s being out in nature, maybe it’s because my head is not full of other stuff. It really doesn’t matter why, the point is that’s when it happens.

So off I went this morning into town. It was raining, puddles everywhere and loads of traffic. As I walked along the road a car swung out wide to avoid a puddle that I was alongside.┬áIt would have sprayed me with water had he not done so. It wasn’t until he had passed me that I realised what he had done but it was too late to acknowledge his thoughtfulness.

And then I got to thinking. How many little acts of kindness are done every day without the recipient even knowing? How many random things do you do for others every day without them knowing? Isn’t it wonderful that we are able to do these tiny little things knowing that we will be repaid with kindness at some point? Because that’s the way the Universe works – what you give is what you get.

So today I am grateful for all the kindnesses bestowed upon me by strangers who I can never personally thank. Today I thank you all.

Elaine Collier
19 February 2018

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