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Walking Mindfully

Mindful WalkFor some strange reason this morning I felt the urge to go for an early walk, so I was up and out just after 7am. Such a beautiful morning, blue skies, sunshine and that freshness that comes after a storm.

I decided to walk mindfully – this was a walk to enjoy and not just to get from a to b. So I paid attention to all that was around me and brought my senses into play. I noticed:

  • The clean crispness of the air that I breathed, especially after last night’s storms.
  • The silence of the early morning.
  • The birds, and how loud they actually were and how each bird sounded different.
  • How my body felt and the twinges in my right knee when I upped the pace too much.
  • How my mood enhanced as I walked, and how happy I felt.
  • How the few joggers I met smiled and said ‘good morning’.
  • The colours of the trees as they swayed in the breeze.
  • The houses with closed curtains, protecting their families as they enjoyed their Sunday morning lie-in. And I started to wonder about those people and the lives they led.
  • My memories as I walked through the mobile home park. My much-loved uncle and aunt who lived in a prefab in Croydon during the ’50s and ’60s and the smell of bacon cooking for Sunday breakfast.
  • The hum of traffic when it increased as people began to wake up and go about their daily business.

So many things to notice and be aware of that increases the pleasure of a simple walk. Why not try it the next time you go out. Just bring all your senses into play and be totally aware of all that’s around you.

I thank my Angels for urging me to walk early and notice all these things – such a perfect start to the day.

Elaine Collier
22 April 2018

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