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Hello, and welcome to the fourth in our series of looking at how working with the Reiki Precepts can help us invite happiness into our lives and use as a tool to bring peace and contentment.

With the run up to Christmas we could certainly use all the peace and tranquillity we can get.  It can be a stressful time, especially if we’re the one doing all the shopping, cooking, entertaining, etc.

In using the precepts we set our intention to stay with them just for today.

This week we’re looking a little closer at respect and judgement.

Precept #4 Just for today, I will respect others and not judge

This is one of the five precepts that most of us have difficulties with. We live in a society where everyone judges and is judged constantly, from what we look like, to what we wear, to how we raise our children, and so the list goes on.

But each of us has our own pathway to walk.  We know nothing of others and what they are dealing with at any given time. Maybe someone behaves the way they do because of the way they have been raised.  Perhaps someone carries excess weight due to a medical condition or medication.  Maybe someone dresses as they do because they can’t afford new and trendy clothes.

We don’t like to be judged and are certainly not in a position to pass judgement on others. We should try to respect others values and beliefs and allow them their free will. After all, if we can’t accept another for who they are we always have the choice to move away from them.

So over this Christmas period let’s all try to live and let live.

We’ll see you next week with our final precept.

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