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A Global Response

A couple of weeks ago a UK Facebook Group launched, aimed at knitters, crocheters and sewers  asking for help in making much needed items for the rescued wildlife in Australia. Animals were being rescued from the fires at an alarming rate, whilst sadly millions more died. The survivors were taken to rescue centres around Australia to be nursed back to health, but they were in desperate need of materials, equipment and food. They needed joey pouches, mittens, nests, bat wraps, blankets, etc, etc. And so the call went out.

Within a week the UK Facebook Group had over 20,000 members alone and groups were springing up all around the world. Women, and men, in their thousands were making millions of items and getting them out to Australia on a daily basis.

Yesterday the UK hubs closed – our job was done! The Australians had enough supplies and could now manage from within their own groups.

How fantastic – in less than a month the world had responded to the call and met the immediate need.

This is just one small project within a world full of need. But it makes me realise that we do have some wonderful people in this world and that every day people are responding, in whichever way they can, to causes and issues around the world.

We are faced by tragic news, fear provoking reports, and all sorts of horrors every day on the news. But tucked away around the globe are groups of people who do such amazing things for others, without ever being noticed or recognised. I am grateful to all of those people who give of themselves willingly.  We can all achieve so much when we pull together with love and compassion.

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