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Benefits of Regular Meditation

Deep in the grip of lockdown, aware that anxiety and stress levels were rising, we wondered how we might possibly be of any help when we couldn’t go out of our own homes let alone meet in groups?

Fully aware of the benefits of meditation to help reduce stress levels, we felt that was probably the way to go. But how? We decided to give Zoom a try; well everyone else was using it quite successfully so why couldn’t we? We connected to Zoom, opened an account, upgraded so we wouldn’t be limited by time, and started our first Zoom Group get-together.

Wow, this was an incredible revelation – Zoom was perfect for our needs, we could connect with others with no loss of the powerful energies that we work with.

For our meditation group we wanted to add a little more. So we brought in the Angels and oh my, this really was deeply calming and relaxing. Over the months the meditations have evolved and I have to say that last night’s session was the best yet.

The benefits of meditation are many and varied and range from reducing stress, improving concentration, improving sleep patterns and balancing the mind, body and spirit. It is shown to significantly lower blood pressure, lower oxygen consumption, decrease respiratory rate, slow the heart rate and enhance the immune system.  Meditation is also the foundation on which we build our spiritual development.

There are too many benefits of meditation to list here, but just a few comments from our group sessions so far are that everyone feels more calmer and much more relaxed; improved sleep; a regular meditation routine; belonging to a like-minded community; a sense of connection and spiritual development.

If you would like to join our Angel Connection & Meditation Zoom Group just click here for the details.

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