Jackie Waller – CrystalJak

Jackie Waller - Crystals

Jackie Waller – CrystalJak is our expert in Crystals and brings a wealth of knowledge to our Centre.

Jackie has always had a love of stones, but only recently discovered her real passion was with crystals.  She trained as Crystal Healer and is also a Reiki Master.  As well as selling crystals, Jackie makes her own jewellery and teaches a variety of courses.

Jackie has a good selection of both crystals and jewellery at Como.  Her prices are very reasonable as she believes that crystals should be available to all; she is always willing to order specific items for you.

As well as selling beautiful crystals, Jackie teaches a range of crystal based courses for us at Como. Her courses include:

Crystals & Pendulums
Crystal Healing Part I
Crystal Healing Part II

For more information about Jackie, visit her Crystaljak Website and follow her on Facebook.


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