Crystals & Pendulums Workshop

PendulumsCrystals and Pendulums is a fun workshop run by Jackie Waller, CrystalJak. If you love crystals, and even if you know nothing about them, this is a fabulous workshop that will teach you lots about crystals and how you can work with and consult your pendulum every day.

This Workshop covers:
The history of pendulums
How they work
Selecting a pendulum
Sensing the aura with a pendulum
Answering questions with your pendulum
Selecting crystals
Simple healing
Boosting energy with a pendulum.

All pendulums will be supplied for the course, although you are free to bring your own.  The pendulums will also be available for you to purchase should you choose to.

Sunday 23 July 2017

For full details, and to book your place, contact Jackie at or call her on 07527 783923.