Angel Development Group

Angel Development Group

Want to connect more and work with your angels and the Archangels? Want to experience how your life can change when working with these wonderful energies. Then why not join us at our monthly Angel Development Group?

The new Group starts in January 2021 when we take you on a year-long learning curve, guiding you towards better understanding of Angels, developing your love for and trust in them, connecting with them and understanding how we can work with them in our day-to-day lives. There will be a mixture of theory and practical work.

We meet one Saturday morning per month on Zoom, where we’ll study a different Archangel each month, connect with them and listen to their guidance. We will also cover a different topic each month which will help in your own personal spiritual development.

You will be given access to audio and video files as well as written materials via our private Facebook Group. You will also be invited to join our Angel Development Group Facebook Page where you will be able to chat to each other in between our get-togethers.

The cost for the year is £111, less than £10 per month!

Dates for 2021 are:

to be announced

All sessions start at 9:30 and usually finish by 11:30. If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend the Group session, you will still have access to all materials via our Facebook Group.

So sign-up today and book your place in the Group.

Opening soon for 2021 enrolment

What our 2019 students say:

I liked this course because it was to do with Angels but also because it was monthly it meant I had time and reason each month to dedicate to myself and my development.


It is really hard to pick one thing as it has given me so much – time to myself once a month to do something I am passionate about, taught me stuff I didn’t know, brought amazing people into my life. If I had to pick one thing it would be knowing. I no longer just believe in angels, I KNOW they are there with me.


I didn’t realise was how it would change my life. I feel like I now have a team of helpers who enable me to be bold, brave and live life to the full, knowing that they are there 24/7. I feel so blessed to have started a life with angels.


It has changed my life coming to this course as I feel I have found a group where I can express how I feel without being judged. I look forward every month to coming and learning new things and connecting with our angelic friends. Thank you everyone for making this a great space to learn and be part of something very special.


The thing that has really impacted on me the most since doing the course has been how amazing it is to be able to connect with all the angels we have studied and how much help and guidance they give us when we ask them to help us.


The angel development group has been amazing and inspirational and it has been so lovely to meet up with such lovely people in our group and to enjoy being guided by you both Gill and Elaine as you are both so caring, gifted and great fun! Thank you both so much.


For me, the course environment of positivity, laughter and comfort, is time so well spent. I have so enjoyed the group and seeing other people blossom as the months have gone on. I also love the way Elaine and Gill create such a warm, loving and safe environment. Laughter is the best medicine and we get plenty of that too.


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