Face Yoga

Yoga is an ancient eastern discipline that has been pursued for thousands of years in India and other parts of South Asia, but now a combination of ‘old’ from the East and ‘new’ from the West makes it so effective and appealing to modern enthusiasts.

This mix is what makes Face Yoga both powerful and practical and has, in fact, become the go-to practice for many people over the age of thirty.

Face yoga is the practice of various exercises that focus on facial muscles to create a firmer, more sculpted look, with fewer wrinkles and sagging skin, and a more defined jawline.

Until recently there has been little scientific evidence to support Face Yoga.  However, the first study of its kind carried out by researchers from North-western University in Illinois showed an approximate three-year decrease in age appearance over a 20-week period, supporting the argument that face yoga improves facial appearance and reduces visible signs of ageing.

Just a few of the benefits of Face Yoga include:
Fewer headaches
Fewer wrinkles and defined facial lines
Firmer, glowing skin
Defined jawline
Reduced puffiness in the face
Higher, sculpted cheeks
Brighter, wider eyes
Less droopy eyelids
Plumper lips
Less fine lines around the mouth area
Smoother neck
Less neck strain and backache

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Our 5-week course will teach you all you need to know to enable you to start your own Face Yoga routine. In addition to the practical sessions, you will learn more about the theory of why Face Yoga is so beneficial and effective. This really is one course you don’t want to miss, because the earlier you start practising Face Yoga the longer you have to look younger!

Date: Starts Monday 2nd September for 5-weeks
Time: 19:30-20:30
Venue: Como Centre
Cost: £50

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Face Yoga

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