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Foot ReadingThe art of foot reading, or Solestry, is the art of reading the personality and emotions. Issues in our lives which we may be struggling with, either in the past or in the present, are reflected in the feet.

Using this technique can help individuals overcome issues and problems which can affect their health and emotions. When we are given the information on what is going on, the individual can then address their issues and act open them. Sometimes we need to be reminded, or told by someone else, before we become aware of what is actually happening.

During your special appointment time, all we need is to see your feet. The size, shape, gaps in toes, colour, lines on the soles and other characteristics builds a picture. It’s also good to know how “you” feel about your feet, as this gives us a wider understanding.

We will look at the top of your feet to gain knowledge of what you are wanting the world to see, then by looking at the soles of your feet we can see what your hiding from the world.

We are now offering one to one readings at our Como Centre on a regular basis.

Alternatively, why not have a foot reading party and invite your friends.  Bring along 6 friends and get your reading free.

Date of Next Session: Please check our Courses & Events page for dates.
Venue: Como Centre
Cost: £25
Times Available:
16:00 –
16:45 –
17:30 –
18:15 –
19:00 –
19:45 –

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