A Healing Journey

A Healing Journey

Devised by Gill Moss & Elaine Collier A Healing Journey is unique to the Como Centre.

Our Healing Journey is a 1-hour therapy session that takes you on a voyage that starts the healing process of any condition or issue that you need help with.

Your journey starts as you enter our Centre. The senses are met with soft lighting, incense and essential oils. The body relaxes on a therapy couch and is wrapped in a spiritual and healing colour. When ready, you are taken on a healing journey which can be both deep and profound.  You experience healing on another level, which starts to cleanse and restore the mind, body and spirit.  At the end of the journey, crystals are used to help seal the healing and release any lingering issues.

The whole experience can take between 45-minutes to an hour and is limited to just 6 people per session.

Date of Next Session: Please check our Courses & Events page for dates.
Time: 19:00-20:00
Venue: Como Centre
Cost: £30

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We are happy to schedule private sessions for groups of 6 people. Please contact us to arrange a date.

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