Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation are monthly sessions where we will not only meditate in a group, enjoying the added benefits of group energies, but each session will be enhanced by the addition of some of our sound instruments, including drums and gongs.

The use of sound during meditation alters the brainwave patterns which helps to deepen the practice, resulting in even greater relaxation. The vibrations created by the instruments also have a profound effect on the body, bringing about balance and promoting healing.

Each session will last approximately 2-hours, giving plenty of time to experience some great meditations (both guided and silent), journeying, healing, and much more.


Date: Monday 19 February
Time: 19:00-20:30
Tutors: Elaine Collier & Gill Moss
Venue: Como Centre, Grove
Cost: £10
To Book & Pay: Please complete the form below to reserve your place. Payment will be taken on the night.

Dates for 2018:

January 15
February 19
March 19
April 23
June 11
July 9
August 6
September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10

Sound Meditation