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Gill Moss
Elaine Collier

The Como Centre was born in June 2012 as a result of our joint Reiki Share Group growing way beyond our expectations.  We both felt that we wanted to do much more with energy and spiritual work, so events were planned and were open to more people.  At that time we worked out of East Challow Village Hall but it quickly became apparent that, although the hall was great, it didn’t fulfil our needs. So we did a bit of Cosmic Ordering for a place of our own and in the November of that year we were guided to our Centre in Grove, above a garage showroom of all places.

In order to pay the rent which we had just committed ourselves to we decided to teach holistic therapies, so November and December was spent writing manuals to be submitted to The Guild for accreditation.  We had our first 10 manuals ready to go by early December and received formal accreditation just before Christmas.  We moved into our Centre on 2 January 2013. The rest, as they say, is history!

Como Centre - November 2012



November 2012 and our first viewing of the Centre.


Como Centre - January 2013





5 January 2013 and we’re ready to start work.




Como Centre - July 2016



Our Centre today, 20 July 2016





Today we have a whole host of different courses and events, and even more in the planning stages.  The future looks extremely exciting for us both as we continue with our own personal development in order to share more with you.

For information on all courses and events please check our Courses and Events page.

Want to find out a little more about us and check out our own qualifications? Just click here.


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  1. Hi there, I’ve had your details passed on to me by another fellow Therapist, I’m qualified in Aromatherapy, Body massage and Indian head massage. Ive started working for a spa and I would like a refresher on Indian head massage and body massage techniques as I only know the basics. Do you do refresher courses at all? Many thanks Naomi

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