Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a totally natural and safe way to aid health and wellbeing.

Dr Edward BachAccording to Dr Edward Bach (1866-1936) a doctor, bacteriologist and homeopath, great results could be achieved by looking at the personalities and emotions of an individual rather than treating the presenting symptoms. He found that their unhappiness and physical distress would be alleviated naturally as the healing potential in their bodies was unblocked and allowed to work once more.

Dr Bach came up with 38 essences which, he felt, covered all emotions experienced. He stated that two people could be suffering from the same physical condition but their experience of the illness would be totally different due to their individual personalities, feelings and emotions.

You can read more about each individual remedy by following the link here – but the page is still a work in progress.

We totally embrace the ethos of Dr Bach and are delighted to bring his Bach Flower Remedies into Como.  We will be holding regular Bach Clinics and are also available for individual consultations.

Each consultation will last approximately an hour, is £35 and includes an individual remedy that is unique to you. All consultations will be on a 1-2-1 basis and in total confidence.

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