Bach Flower Remedies - AspenAspen – The psychic flower

“From Dark Premonitions to Conscious Sensitivity. Vague unknown fears, from which there can be given no explanation, no reason, yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible to happen, he knows not what, these vague unexplainable fears may haunt by night or day.  Sufferers are often afraid to tell their trouble to others.” Edward Bach

People in a negative Aspen state are caught up in unconscious anxieties, “I’m so afraid but I don’t know why.  I’m afraid that something terrible will happen, but I can’t think what it might be.”

These are typical statements from those with a negative Aspen sate. In extreme cases they suffer from what seems to be the tortures of hell, with body trembling bouts of sweating, and a fluttery sensation in the stomach, the powerlessness is frustration and leads to still more fear.

Behaviour Pattern in the blocked state:

  • You experience unfounded sensations of fear and danger
  • You have sudden anxiety attacks, whether alone or with others
  • You wish you were less sensitive
  • You feel creepy sensations of fear, as if bewitched
  • Your imagination runs wild, you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality
  • You are fascinated with the occult and are superstitious
  • You fear persecution and punishment, you fear an invisible force or power
  • You have nightmares, walking in fear and panic and not daring to go back to sleep
  • You are afraid of your fear, but you dare not talk about it with anyone
  • You experience specific fears such as those of physical attack, rape, abuse, snakes and ghosts
  • You wish you could protect yourself from outside influences and be less open
  • Children are afraid of the dark or of monsters under the bed
  • The atmosphere in some places is unbearable to you
  • After reading in the paper of a flu epidemic (of some similar scourge) you immediately develop symptoms

Even if only one or two of these patterns precisely match your present situation you need Aspen!

The positive potential of taking this remedy will enable you to have a greater capacity for conscious perception, awareness of your sensitivity and know how to use it well, proceeding fearlessly and with confidence and are able to enter into more subtle planes of consciousness and gain deeper understanding of complex phenomena.

Empowering Statement

I am protected
I am centred
I am strong