Cherry Plum

Cherry PlumCherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) is also known as the Openness Flower – from overload to relaxation.

“Fear of the mind being over strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.” Edward Bach

Cherry Plum, relates to the soul’s potential for composure. In the negative Cherry Plum state you go to extremes to repress your emotional impressions because you’re afraid of them. As a child you may have experienced that the emotions you expressed were unwanted or unacceptable, so you trained yourself to suppress them.

Subsequently you barely allow yourself to feel your own emotions. In the extremely negative Cherry Plum state people are afraid they may be heading for a breakdown, losing their self-control or even their minds.

Some characteristics to look for:

  • You’re afraid to talk about your feelings
  • You can barely control yourself
  • You feel blocked or congested inside
  • You’re in turmoil and try desperately to control yourself
  • You’re in such emotional chaos that you can’t even express your feelings
  • You have the feeling that a time bomb is ticking away inside you
  • You’re afraid of having a nervous breakdown
  • Contrary to your normal disposition, violet impulses surface you’re afraid of needing to do something you’d normally never do
  • You have sudden uncontrolled outbreaks of rage – children may throw themselves on the ground or hit their heads against the wall, adults might destroy a malfunctioning electrical appliances in their anger, or throw things around the room
  • Parents worry that they might hit their children
  • Children are afraid of wetting the bed
  • You suffer from obsessions and crazy ideas, you’re afraid of uncontrollable spiritual powers within you
  • You’re afraid of going mad, breaking down, having to go to an institution
  • You suffer from extreme inner tension and cramps, compulsive picking, self-monitoring or trembling
  • You toy with the idea of suicide so that finally you can be released

Even if only one of two of these patterns precisely match your present situation, you need Cherry Plum.

The positive potential of taking this remedy include an increased sense of courage, strength and composure. You’re able to deal with emotions and express them in an appropriate manner. You’re able to deeply penetrate your subconscious, integrate the insights you gain there, and use them in your daily life. You have access to a powerful reservoir of spiritual strength.

Empowering statements

  • I am courageous
  • I open myself
  • I let flow what want to flow


Note: taken from the Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer