ElmElm (Ulmaceae) is also known as the Responsibility Flower – from self-worth crises to inner confidence.

“Those who are doing good work, are following the calling of their life and who hope to do something of importance, and this often for the benefit of humanity. At times there may be periods of depression when they feel that the task they have undertaken is too difficult, and not within the power of a human being.” Edward Bach

Elm relates to the soul’s potential for responsibility. Its negative from is revealed as weak moments, in the lives of the strong, at times when people of above-average ability and responsibility suddenly  become so exhausted that they no longer feel up to their task.

Some of the characteristics to look for are:

  • You suddenly feel overwhelmed by a task
  • You’re brought to a sudden halt by the one minor task that is “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”
  • You feel that your responsibilities are getting to be too much
  • You feel you don’t have the stamina to accomplish everything you want or need to
  • Although normally strong and self-confident, you’re temporarily exhausted and despondent
  • You experience passing feelings of inadequacy due to exhaustion
  • You temporarily doubt if you’re really cut out for what you’re doing
  • You can’t decide what to tackle first, you waste a great deal of time trying to do everything yourself instead of delegating responsibilities
  • You’re manoeuvred yourself into a place where you’ve become indispensable and now believe it’s impossible to let go of any responsibility
  • You’re afraid to stay in bed when ill because you don’t want to let down the people at work

Even if only one of two of these patterns precisely match your present situation, you need Elm.

The positive potential for taking this remedy includes feeling capable, responsible and confident. You know how much work you can handle and know when to delegate. You’re confident that if you do your best, help with arrive when you need it.

Empowering statements

  • I do what I can
  • I receive help
  • I make it


Note: taken from the Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer