HeatherHeather (Calluna vulgaris) is also known as the Identity flower – from needy child to understanding adult. 

“Those who are always seeking the companionship of anyone who may be available, as they find it necessary to discuss their own affairs with others, no matter whom it may be. They are very unhappy if they have to be alone for any length of time.” Edward Bach 

Heather relates to the soul’s potential for self–identification and empathy.  If you’re in the negative Heather state, all your thoughts and feelings revolve exclusively around yourself and your problems.  This state can be seen in extroverted and introverted forms. As is true with most Bach flower states, at one time or another almost everyone will experience the negative Heather state.

Some of the characteristics to look for are:

  • Your thoughts are entirely cantered on personal problems and you take yourself too seriously
  • You are driven to talk to everyone about yourself
  • You’re unable to be alone, feeling somehow lost when you are solitary
  • You tend to exaggerate emotionally, making mountains out of molehills
  • You find it difficult to listen to others
  • You’re absorbed completely in yourself and therefore have no awareness of others concerns
  • You try to appear stronger and more competent than you really are, and as a result you don’t get the sympathy you want
  • You take over social conversations and immediately turn them to yourself
  • You trap others by cornering them or holding on to their sleeves when you want to make a point
  • You were emotionally neglected or not accepted as a child and as a result still feel undernourished and in need of recognition from those around you
  • Children regress into infantile behaviour

Even if only one of two of these patterns precisely match your present situation, you need Heather.

The positive potential of taking this remedy is knowing that your inner guidance cares for you and you know you will receive everything necessary for your personal development. You are able to listen to the concerns of others and you’re a sympathetic adult with a great capacity for empathy. You create an atmosphere of trust and comfort.

Empowering statements

  • I feel safe
  • I receive all that I need
  • I nurture others


Note: taken from the Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer