MustardMustard (Brassica) is also known as the Light Flower – from soul pain to soul grandeur.

“Those who are liable to times of gloom, or even despair, as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of life.  It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks.” Edward Bach

Mustard relates to the soul’s qualities of cheerfulness, serenity, and clarity.  In the negative Mustard state you’re surrounded by gloomy depression. Out of the blue a deep melancholy of an unknown origin can descend upon you.  It’s all around, isolating you from the rest of the world with a layer of deep sadness. You suddenly feel like a stranger in your own land.

Some of the characteristics to be aware of include:

  • You don’t feel like doing anything anymore
  • You’re unable to enjoy anything
  • Time seems to pass more slowly
  • You don’t sense new outer impressions, you feel blocked and cut off from them
  • You don’t want to move your body
  • You suddenly feel weighed down
  • You suffer deep depression
  • Something heavy, black and unknown descends, your soul is in mourning
  • Gloominess comes out of the blue, enveloping you in a black cloud
  • You feel excluded from normal life
  • You find no logical connection between this condition and the other parts of your life
  • You feel such deep melancholy that you barely notice what’s going on
  • You’re completely within yourself and caught up in grief
  • You’re unable to hide this mood from others
  • You’re unable to overcome the mood through logical thinking, or to shake it off at will

Even if only one of two of these patterns precisely match your present situation, you need Mustard.

The positive potential for taking this remedy include the feeling of being carried by the stream of life. You accept the ebb and flow of nature, knowing that joy always returns just as the sun comes back from behind the clouds. You pass though even cloudy days in serenity, with clear inner confidence. You have rich emotions and sense things deeply.

Empowering statements

  • I feel light
  • I am happy
  • I am in the light


Note: taken from the Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer