Vibrational Synchronicity Retreat


Vibrational Synchronicity

Rebalance and Restore by joining us on our one-day Vibrational Synchronicity Retreat

Everything in life is in a state of constant vibration – this is the Law of Nature – and quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy!

The cells and organs within our bodies are all constantly vibrating, albeit at different frequencies. Scientific research has shown that the sounds from the cells within our hearts differ from the sound of the cells within the lungs.

When disease or illness strikes, our cells are no longer vibrating at their correct frequency and are out of synchronicity. When we introduce different sound and colour vibrations around the body, we can start to restore those natural frequencies. Science, medicine and metaphysics now agree that certain frequencies can have a huge beneficial effect on diseases of the body.

Join us for our first full-day Vibrational Synchronicity Retreat, where we not only introduce the body to the various vibrations and frequencies of sound, but also introduce the vibrations of colour.

We’ll start the day with a meeting of minds over coffee and cake and then move on to some powerful clearing work.  We’ll look at the effect that colour can have on our health and well-being and explore the colours that we are drawn to.  After lunch, we’ll move towards the power of relaxation, meditation and silence before with introduce the powerful vibrations of different instruments, including gongs. To end the day, we will use crystals to ensure that all issues released are cleared away completely.

If you feel that you have been neglecting yourself lately, that you need to be restored and rebalanced, then this Retreat is perfect for you. It is a full day where you can give yourself permission to totally focus on your own health and well-being; relax and allow the vibrations to restore and energise you, to synchronise your own frequencies.

Everything you need will be provided but please bring some lunch, and wear comfortable clothes.

Date: Sunday 1st October 2017
Time: 10:30 – 17:00
Venue: Como Centre, Grove
Cost: £90
Available Places: 10

Please reserve my place for the Vibrational Synchronicity Retreat