Aura Readings

Aura ImagingAura Readings are amazing and Steve Williams is back at Como on Saturday 2 November 2019 to do some more.

You will have an image taken of your aura and then Steve will give a reading from that image.  Not only do you get a photo of your aura, you have your reading to take away with you too. This really is an amazing experience and feedback from our last session was that Steve was absolutely spot-on! I can personally vouch for for this as I had a session with Steve too and it was amazing.

Each reading takes around 20-minutes, but Steve really does give value for money and if he feels that you need a little extra clarification or a bit of healing, that will be given too. Sessions are £25, which is inclusive of the aura image and reading.

If you would like to book a slot, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Once your reservation has been received, we will send an invoice and when payment has been received your place will be confirmed.

Slots Available: 2 November 2019

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Please reserve a place for me for an Aura Imaging reading.

  • Please only book a time-slot available. Once payment has been received your place will be confirmed.
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