How the Universe Works

I want to share this wonderful story with you that went out in our Newsletter last week.  It’s really heart-warming and just goes to show that dreams really do come true.

A lovely lady, and a friend of mine, has been through a really difficult year with serious health issues but thankfully she is now out the other side and well on the road to recovery. As with any life-threatening illness, it makes you take stock of your life and the changes you would like to make.

She definitely wanted to make changes and we talked over options for many months. She decided she wanted to get back to working with animals and horses in particular as this was her background and her passion. Full of enthusiasm she started to make plans and I must be honest here, I did wonder whether her enthusiasm would dwindle. But no, new ideas were flowing – this was what she wanted to do.

She enrolled on several courses and passed with flying colours. She started talking to people and picked up some clients at her local stables. She even offered to do some volunteer work. She was doing all she could to make her dreams come true; she was doing what she loved and she was blossoming. She now has plans for more courses and starting her own business in animal wellbeing in the New Year. Life was looking good again and she was happy. Her ultimate dream, however, was to have a horse of her own.

Now we’re all aware of the Law of Attraction and how, when you focus on what you really want and work towards your dreams, the Universe works with you to create those things.

Well I saw her yesterday. “You’ll never believe what has just happened”, she said, as she came flying into the room. “I’ve just been given a horse!”

Yesterday was her birthday.


Sarah Kerr Joins the Como Team

Sarah KerrWe are delighted that Sarah Kerr, owner of Room for Beauty in Wantage, will be joining our team of first class tutors in January 2018. She will be teaching a wide range of therapies and sharing her considerable knowledge with our students.

Sarah graduated from the Oxford International College of Beauty in 2004 after serving 15 years in the Royal Air Force. She now owns an award winning salon in the heart of Wantage town centre and has continued to study and enhance her beauty and holistic treatment skills and knowledge.

Sarah says, “I am extremely excited to become a tutor and being part of the Como Centre team. I am looking forward to teaching future therapists and passing on my passion and knowledge for this amazing industry”.

We are all very much looking forward to working with Sarah in the New Year.

We’re delighted to be accepted as an approved training provider of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Currently this covers our Animal Reiki training, but new courses and workshops will be added in due course.

Angelic Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner Training

Angelic ReikiDates for our next Level 1 & 2 Angelic Reiki Training have now been scheduled for 23-25 February 2018 and we are taking bookings now.  Numbers are limited to just six for this course.

We love teaching this course.  Working with, and being amongst the Angels for the whole weekend is totally inspiring and up-lifting. To watch the joy on our students’ faces is the icing on the cake.

You will never be disappointed by taking Angelic Reiki training.

More information about the course and content can be found here.

A New Tutor in Devon

Marie JohnsonWe are delighted to welcome Marie Johnson to our lovely Team of Tutors.  Marie will be offering training in a variety of courses in and around her home town of Exeter in Devon.

Marie began her holistic therapy journey in 1996 and has steadily built up her skill set over the years. She now runs her own business and specialises in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Precision and Advanced Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo Massage and Angelic Reiki.

She will be covering the South West of England Region for the Como Training Centre. To find out more about Marie and her training dates, visit her website.

Marie says she is delighted to be moving into the teaching side of therapies and to be a part of the Como Team.

Hand Reflexology

We are delighted to have had our Hand Reflexology course accredited by The Guild and we’re now ready to start teaching.

Our first training date has been set for Monday 27 November 2017 and we are offering this date at the discounted price of £150. We do, however, require 4 students for the course to run, so round up some of your friends and save yourselves a total £300!

You can find full details of the course here, together with details on how to book.

A New Tutor at Como

Sarah BromhamWe’re absolutely delighted to welcome Sarah Bromham to our team of tutors at Como. With Sarah her on board we will have more flexibility and be able to offer more training dates to our students.

Sarah qualified in Aromatherapy in 1996 and, after a break to have her 2 children, she re-established her therapy business 10-years later. Over time she has introduced a range of holistic treatments from reflexology, Indian Head massage, holistic facials – to name just a few.  Based in Theale, West Berkshire, Sarah is also a local leader for an organic skincare company and it is passing her knowledge onto her team that has encouraged her to take up a  teaching role.  Sarah says ‘I’m really looking forward to working with the team at the Como Centre and already feel like part of the family’.

We very much look forward to working with Sarah and I’m sure our students will love her as much as we do.

The Gongs

The GongsOn Monday evening we held our first Gong Bath and what an amazing experience. The lovely Pauline McCrann brought along these beautiful Gongs which, she told us, were not her biggest as we were limited by the size of our room and getting them up the stairs.

But oh, the sound. An hour simply flew by and I think we all could have stayed there another hour.

Words cannot describe the experience of a Gong Bath, it’s something you just have to do.

Do we want some Gongs? You bet we do!!


Law of Attraction

Can you manifest?

ManifestationI had a great conversation yesterday about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, and it made me reflect a little on how I manage to manifest the small things really well but have difficulty with the bigger things.

Some time ago I actually realised that I focussed far too much on lack and not on what I really wanted. I had used up so much energy thinking about what I didn’t want and what I could do to change it, that the vibrations I was sending out were all wrong for the desired outcome. Our good old Universe was picking up these vibrations and thinking to itself ‘ok, this is what she’s thinking about most of the time, this must be what she wants, let’s send her more of it’.

I do believe that our way of thinking is so ingrained and we tend to think far more of what we don’t want rather than what we do want. Sometimes we carry these feelings of not being worthy of having the things we want, of being greedy and selfish for asking for those things, that there are more deserving people than us – oh there’s a whole host of reasons why we think the way we do. But if we’re to be successful and attract the things we really want in life, we have to change our thought process.

To be successful at manifestation we need to really think about what we want, we need to be specific and give a time frame. It has to be for the good of all concerned, because we don’t want our good fortune to be at the expense of someone else. Once the order has been placed we have to be patient and wait for delivery, but believe and act as if it’s on its way. The final, and probably most crucial, part is receiving our order.  We need to be totally open to the way it may arrive and that we may have to put a little effort into making it happen. We have to believe that we are worthy and that we deserve to receive; and when we have received it is good to be grateful and thankful for it.

So the next time you find yourself thinking that you don’t want this or that in your life, just stop and think about what you do want instead.

If you want to understand more about Manifestation then take a look at Abraham Hicks on YouTube or visit Ellen Watts on her Cosmic Ordering Made Easier website.

Elaine Collier
24 February 2017

A Healing Journey

A Healing JourneyAs soon as was possible in the New Year, both of us were back up at Como and planning for 2017. “What we could do with,” we agreed, “is a beautiful healing method that’s different from what’s already being done.” So we sat and asked Spirit for some help.

Within 15-minutes we had a our new therapy written down. It sounded good to us but we tweaked it a little to make sure it was feasible. We ended up with a therapy that was possible to give and hopefully wonderful to receive.

Last Monday we held our first session. It flowed from one element to the next in a seamless manner and, speaking from the perspective of giving, the energy flowed and beautiful connections made. The elements that we had put together worked extremely well and if we do make any further tweaks, they will be minor. Feedback from our clients was fabulous, they all looked totally relaxed and the healing received seemed to take place on many levels.

We give our thanks to Spirit and we are grateful, as always, for their guidance.

Are we doing it again? You bet we are!