4 January 2021

Following this evening’s news that we are now in Lockdown once again we regret that we are unable to take any bookings until restrictions are lifted.

However, you still have time to reserve a place on our new Mystical Energies Group which starts on Saturday 16 January via Zoom. 

Stay safe and well.
Elaine & Gill
Stay safe and well
Elaine & Gill


Choose the course you wish to train in and then simply click on the link for further information.

Here is what is currently have available.

Anatomy & Physiology £175 An on-line course completed in your own time
Body Massage £375
Eye Enhancements £225
Facial Skincare and Massage £375
Female Intimate Waxing £150
Gel Polish Application £150
Hopi Ear Candling £225
Hot Stone Massage £225
Hot Stone Reflexology £150
Indian Head Massage £225
Manicure £225
Manicure & Gel Nails £300
Pedicure £225
Pregnancy Massage £150
Reflexology £525
Waxing £225
Angel Development Group £111 Starts 6 January 2021
Ascended Masters Group £111 Starts 20 January 2021
Energy Anatomy £150 A distance learning course, completed in your own time
Meditation £75 A distance learning course, completed in your own time
Mystical Energies Group £111 Starts 16 January 2021
Sound Therapy £150 A distance learning course, completed in your own time
Tarot Course £75 A distance learning course, completed in your own time


48 thoughts on “TRAINING

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in the antomony and physiology course and the massage course. Please could you tell me how long the online course takes (approximately) and if you have any offers available when booking both.


    1. Hello
      You can complete the A&P course as quickly as you wish, depending on how much time you have to devote to it. We have no time limit, so it really is in your own time.
      Yes, if you book both A&P and Body Massage together it’s £425, a saving of £125.
      I hope this helps but if you have any further questions do send us an e-mail to
      Kind regards

  2. Do you still do Walker Technique courses? I’ve been trying to contact Bernard Elliott-Smith but have had no response. Thanks

    1. Hello
      No I’m sorry we haven’t done this technique for a few years now. As far as I’m aware on Bernard was teaching it.
      Good luck with trying to find him.
      Kind regards

    1. Hi

      We have no plans to run one at the moment, but if you are local to Wantage/Grove I would suggest you contact Jackie at Crystaljak as she runs them. You will find her on Wantage Market on, I believe, the last Saturday of the month.

      Kind regards

    1. Hello Shannon

      We’re in the process of scheduling training dates for the first part of the year now, so should be posted in a day or so.

      Regards, Elaine

    2. Hello Shannon

      Dates we can offer for Spray Tanning are:
      Sunday 20 January
      Monday 21 January
      Sunday 3 February
      Monday 4 February

      Please complete a booking form if any of the dates are suitable for you and we’ll get you booked in.

      Kind regards

    1. Hi
      Keep an eye on our website (Courses & Events page), like our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter. Popular events do get booked up very quickly but we do try to run more of them.

  3. Dear Gill and Elaine
    I was forwarded your link by Marie Johnson who I have been talking to regarding doing an Indian Head Massage course. Marie told me a few weeks ago that I needed to do the Anatomy and Physiology course with yourselves (whom she speaks very fondly of) before doing the Indian Head Massage. At the time of talking with her you were offering the course at a discount of £75 when booked alongside the Indian Head Massage. I was not able to afford it back then and did a lot of overtime (I work with adults with autism and challenging behaviour) in order to book the course. I popped in to see Marie yesterday who advised me to contact you direct. I have just seen that the discount is no longer available and was hoping you may consider the offer of the discount to me so I can book it alongside the £50 deposit for the Indian Head Massage course. I understand if this is not possible and I will then have to wait until after christmas when I would have the necessary finance.
    Kind regards to yourselves, love and light blessings
    Lou Nicholls

    1. Hello Lou
      Thank you for contacting us regarding A&P and Indian Head Massage.
      We are still offering the discounted price for A&P of just £75 when booked alongside the Indian Head Massage Course.
      I will send you an e-mail shortly; if it doesn’t come through just check your spam folder.
      Kind regards

  4. Hi , do you do one to one lessons, to come to my home in Bicester? I’m really interested in doing a hand massage course, then to get a certificate! As this is something I would really love to achieve, I have my very own beautiful spa room in my home! and have a real interest in holistic treatments…. but I’m not trained, so I would love to train in ..hand massage, even relaxation… then eventually to work from home… then looking into insurance! Would you be able to help me with this? I would pay for your petrol, for example, a course over 6 weeks, once a week lesson at my home! Please tell me your thoughts on this?
    Many thanks,
    Janey Evans 🌻

  5. Hi
    I would be really interested in the body massage course, but you don’t appear to have any up and coming dates?!
    Could you let me know when your next course might be?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi
      Thank you for contacting us regarding Body Massage training. We are happy to work with you to find a suitable date. I have replied further by e-mail so please check your spam box if nothing shows.

  6. Hi Elaine and Gill,
    I’m very interested in completing the Beauty therapist level 2 course but I can’t see any dates for this, I was hoping to do it sooner rather than later, starting in the next couple of weeks if possible, also I am currently 16 (nearly 17) not sure if you have an age policy for training at all, thank you,
    Shannon Hendy

    1. Hi Shannon

      Many thanks for your contact and yes, we can certainly help with your Beauty Level II training. I have replied to you further by e-mail.


  7. I’m a qualified beauty therapist and my waxing needs refreshing as I have been working in a spa and now work in a beauty salon. Please can you tell me dates etc. I’m also very keen on Reflexology! Oh and the animal reiki but purely through a personal interest! Many thanks

    1. Hi
      Thank you for contacting us regarding training. I am replying in full by e-mail, so please check your spam box if it doesn’t arrive soon.
      Many thanks

  8. Hello 😁

    I have just completed my Usui Reiki level 1 and I am looking for a Crystal Reiki course?
    Is this something you can offer at all?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hello
      We’re working on this course now and should be able to offer it soon. As soon as it’s available it will be published on our website and also our Facebook page.
      In the meantime, keep practising your Usui Reiki as it will just keep getting stronger.

  9. Hi
    Are there any dates for the gel polish course please? I have undertaken your manicure course previously.
    Thank you
    Lisa dancer

  10. Hello

    I am interested in the pcychic and mediumship development and tarot courses. Could u let me know the prices please.

    Many thanks

    1. Hello

      The Psychic & Mediumship Development Course is £75 for Stage 1. At the moment we have no dates scheduled for the Tarot Course.

      If you click on the link on our Courses & Events page on our website for each course you are interested in you will find full details.

      Many thanks for contacting us,

  11. I would like to enquire about taking my reiki III with you. We met when I did my reiki II training and I would like to re-connect and further my training.

    Many thanks,


  12. I am interested in meditation and would like to learn how to meditate. Are there any classes available early on in 2016? Or can you recommend someone?

  13. Hi Elaine and Gill please could you email me a booking form for Hopi Ear Candles please.
    Sunday 4th of October.How many case studies will I need please so I can start asking people?
    Also I would love to do hot stone also.
    October or Nov if possible.
    Thank you. X

    1. Hi

      Our booking form is now on the website so just follow the menu at the top of the page. If you can complete a booking form for each course you would like to do, we can get you booked and take it from there.

      Many thanks,

  14. Hi im interested in the body massage course and pregnancy massage would I be able to .learn these together, unfortunately the 21st june is fathers day so.i would be unable to make that course. What woukd the course times be? Ive dome various othere beauty courses that cover the equivalent to a&p.

    many thanks

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