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Archangel Gabriel

Also known as Saint Gabriel, Jibril, Jiburili.

Raphael’s name means “The Strength of God”.

Gabriel helps to guide sensitive children and also parents with conception and adoption.  Gabriel helps during pregnancy, birth and raising children.  If you feel compelled to work with children, in any capacity, call upon this Archangel to help you.

Gabriel is usually portrayed with a large copper trumpet symbolising messages directly from God.  Also helping earthly messengers, such as teachers, counsellors, artists, writers and actors, opening the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career.  Gabriel helps with communication, and is especially helpful when working with the media.

Specialities: delivering important and clear messages; helping those who are messengers (teachers, writers, artists and actors); assisting all aspects of parenting including conception, adoption and birth

Colours: copper

Crystals and gemstones: copper

Astrological sign: cancer – the nurturing and hardworking parent


Taken, in part, from Doreen Virtue’s Archangels 101

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