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The Higher Perspective

Like the majority of people I was absolutely appalled by the scenes of Bournemouth Beach last week. As the weather soared into the 30s, thousands ignored the rules of lockdown and social distancing and flocked together.

I was angry, judgy and disgusted by the behaviour of these selfish morons who were putting others at risk by totally ignoring the rules.

And then the penny began to drop and I had quite a conversation with someone!!

“Hang on a minute, who are you to judge these people when you know nothing about them? Who the hell do you think you are taking the higher moral ground? All you’re doing is watching the media reports and reacting in exactly the way they want you to.”

“But these people in Bournemouth are ruining it for everybody!”

“Are they? Think about it, see it from the higher perspective.”

I had hoped that there would be change arising from this whole scary pandemic that we find ourselves in. I had hoped that humanity would start to get it and change their behaviour for the good of all and for our planet. But in my own simple mind I thought that change would come about as a peaceful and wonderful thing.

But I’m not seeing that.

The human being in me is seeing people flouting the rules, demonstrations, riots, violence, in fact all the things that I’m against.

“But where did you get the idea from that change would be beautiful?  Don’t you realise that sometimes change is messy, challenging, hard and painful? These people are standing up for something that they may not even be aware of. They are rising up against being told what to do, what to believe, how to act. They are rising up against fear. So it’s not the way you think it should be, but it’s the only way they know how at the moment.

If you want humanity to change then you have to be prepared to have the current situation break and fall apart to be replaced by a better world that you want to see.”

Wow, that told me – but I think I see it from a higher perspective now.

Elaine Collier

The Higher Perspective

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