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Archangel Raphael

Also known as Azarias, Israfel or Labbiel.

Raphael’s name means “God heals”.

Raphael has long been known as the Archangel of healing. His name may be derived from the Hebrew word Rophe, which means medicine doctor; or Rapach which means God heals the soul.

Archangel Raphael brings God’s healing light to earth. Ask Raphael to heal a condition, he was just waiting for you to give him permission to perform his healing work. Sometimes Raphael will guide you to seek treatment from a doctor or other healthcare physician. Raphael can also help you to eliminate pain with short-term chronic conditions and also helps in longer–term conditions and with pain management. He helps with healing pets and other animals.

Archangel Raphael has also been regarded as a patron of travellers. Ask Raphael to ensure a safe, smooth journey and that you will arrive on time.

Raphael often works with Archangel Michael to clear away fears and stress, which are major factors affecting health. He also works with spirit release and space clearing.

Again, you must ask for Raphael’s help as he cannot impose his will on anyone. The more you work with Raphael the more you will come to love and trust him.

Specialities: healing of people and animals, guiding healers in their education and practice, guidance and protection for travellers, connecting you with your soul mate

Colours: emerald green

Crystals and gemstones: emerald or malachite

Astrological sign: the overseers of all


Taken, in part, from Doreen Virtue’s Archangels 101

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